Today we are going to talk about the importance of PH in swimming pools. As you know, water has the ideal properties to be able to dissolve in it an enormous amount of chemical elements. Therefore, this phenomenon is taken advantage of with the aim of carrying out the correct maintenance. However, this process requires constant vigilance so that these elements do not become harmful to people taking a bath.

Discover the importance of PH in swimming pools

The most important aspect of swimming pool maintenance is almost always its disinfection.

Peracetic acid is suitable for the disinfection of water in cooling towers; it prevents the formation of biofilm and prevents legionella bacteria.

PAA  (peroxyacetic acid) can also be applied during water purification as a disinfectant and for pipe disinfection.

However, there are other factors to take into account whose method of use requires knowledge of the volume of water in the pool:

  1. PH regulation: PH measures the degree of acidity in water on a scale from 0 to 14. In this sense, values below 7 do have acidity. On the other hand, those above 8 are alkaline. In short, if we want to keep the water at a perfect level, it will show between levels 7 and 7.8.
  2. Chlorination: a chemical chlorine compound is added to the water to act as an antioxidant for the organic components of the pool.
  3. Anti-algae: the presence of algae is evidence of insufficient disinfection. In fact, their presence is shown by the greenish colour generated by these organisms. This requires the use of algaecides to prevent their reproduction.
  4. Flocculants: they are usually essential in waters with a high level of suspended matter. For this reason, the flocculant thickens all these particles so that they go to the bottom and can be easily sucked up.
  5. Fungicides: pools are exposed to humidity and heat (a desirable environment for fungi). The use of fungicides is essential to prevent fungi from damaging your skin.

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