At Solimix we specialise in the manufacture and packaging of solid, liquid and in paste form chemical products. This means that we guarantee a fully personalised and tailor-made service for each of our customers. We therefore also know how to handle and manage safely residues of this type of chemical compound.

A good example is found in the use of chemical products within laboratories which is also regulated in Royal Decree 374/2001. This legal text, which addresses the protection of the health and safety of workers against risks related to chemical agents at work, develops a series of measures to protect operators. In this sense, we detail a small guide of good practices in the handling of solutions and containers of chemical products in a laboratory.

In attention to the packaging

Before using a packaged chemical product, the manufacturer’s label and hazard warnings, as well as the safety data sheet, must be read carefully.

Once we have finished the work, the containers must be properly closed to prevent their passage to the laboratory environment, but also to minimise the risks of accidents resulting from spills or spillages. In addition, once the containers are empty, it is not advisable to reuse them for other purposes: they can cause a reaction!

On the other hand, the products should always be stored in their original containers. If this is not possible, new containers requiring the same labelling as the original container should be used.


In attention to cleanliness and order at work

Suitable containers for each type of chemical product shall be used during work and shall be stored in a place designed for this purpose.

The place of storage must also be organised taking into account any incompatibilities between the different formulas and packaging of solid, liquid or paste chemical products. In addition, adequate means of separation, isolation and confinement shall be required to avoid risks.

Of course, it is essential to clean the entire work area and avoid the accumulation of certain substances that can generate reaction, as is the case with the reuse of containers.


Finally, from Solimix we recommend that, in the event of an accident resulting from the handling of toxic or dangerous chemical products, you must act quickly and following an emergency plan according to the laboratory facilities.