Aluminium foil bags or aluminized bags are made of aluminized bio-polypropylene sheets and are mainly used to keep food fresh. In this blog post, we will see more details and features about them.

These bags are a great barrier against air, moisture and Ultraviolet (UV) rays. They can be used, for example, to store wine. In this case, metallised bags are available in different capacities. They stand out because they are easy and simple to use and preserve the quality of the wine for months, even after the container has been opened. This system prevents oxygen from penetrating the container thanks to the closure system (tap) and the double layer of film that it is made of. The containers can be metallised (PET: polyethylene terephthalate) or transparent (EVOH: Etilen-Vinil-Alcohol).

Aluminized bags with folds or side gussets are similar to a sack and are welded transversely to the bottom and longitudinally to the back. This provides the bag with side gussets and gives it a bag-like format for vertical placement on displays and shelves.

An optimal way to keep food fresh and dry

The bag or sack is the equivalent of the flowpack system for products that need to be packed in a ready-made bag. Aluminium laminates are widely used for the manufacture of these bags. Also the transparent ones and the ones made with cellophane for aromatic products are widely used. These Solimix bags have an easy-opening perforated cut. They are used in the food sector for the packaging of coffee beans or powder, cocoa, chocolate powder, toasted bread, pasta, etc. They are also used in the vacuum packaging of products and in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries for powdered and granulated products. It is in fact an adaptable packaging that offers full guarantees. It also admits different types of printing and manufacturing materials. In addition, it is a vertical packaging, ideal for displaying products at points of sale.

These aluminium bags are used a lot for coffee to maintain all the properties of taste and aroma. They are available in many colours and in a variety of sizes. There are also several styles: with both transparent sides, with a window, with a transparent side and one with colour, with both sides with colour, etc. Of course, with personalised printing.